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September 17-21, 2018

from J-

The second weeks of each month are always my favorite, bc of the opportunity we have to get together and learn from each other at our SLT and Elem Leadership Team Job Alike. My thanks to Matt, Catherine, and Nicole for joining us, and to Nicole, Anitera, Kim, Lynne and Mike for leading the roundtables.

Digging into the climate and culture data was healthy for us to do, and now you have the opportunity and charge to carry to your staff. Last week I finished reading The Power of Moments by Chip & Dan Heath (great book - add to your professional library). There were two specific points from their book that applies to our using data:

1) "Trip over the data" - while it is difficult to schedule epiphanies, there may some fantastic moments of aha's in reviewing the district, division, and site data that should give you and your reflection, refinement and/or pivot point to move forward.

2) Stretch for insight - I was reassured through so many discussions that climate, culture and safety are directly correlated to the center of our elementary focus. Examining site and individual core beliefs about relationships and harnessing their awesome power is a non-negotiable, and the hinge point of our work.

Thank you for all you do! Make it an amazing week!

Happy Children Do Chores

A great article to consider sharing in your parent newsletters or on your social media sites...

From Mike-

Trauma-Sensitive Schools

Thanks for the great discussion during this week’s job-alike meetings surrounding priority metrics, ICs, telling our story with data, backwards design planning and assessments, and trauma-informed schools. As requested, you can view the trauma-informed resources at the links below:

ACES Classroom Template (Editable - Make a Copy)

Trauma-Sensitive School Checklist (PDF)

Trauma-Sensitive Teacher Behavior Checklist (PDF)

What Makes a Good School Culture?

Culture Is Core Beliefs and Behaviors. Within that weak or strong structure, what exactly people believe and how they act depends on the messages — both direct and indirect — that the leaders and others in the organization send.

AAA Updates

Power BI

· Power Hour! Trainings will continue to be held at KAC in the Board Conference Room every Tuesday morning, from 9:00 – 10:30 AM. Submit this Google Form to register.

· We want your feedback! Please provide your thoughts and ideas by following the link to the SPS Analytics Feedback Form located on all published reports, as well as directly on your dashboard. If you have access issues, please email AAA at

Assessment Information

· BOY Testing Windows close on 9/21/18 for:

o i-Ready

o Writing Prompt

o Letter ID/CAP

o DRA 2

o Rapid Automatic Naming

o Primary/Elementary Spelling Inventory

· 1st Quarter EOC Testing Window

o 10/4/18 – 10/12/18

Attendance Tips

· Don’t forget, the Official Enrollment Count date is Wednesday, September 26th. Make sure you are communicating this to families, students and the community.

· Students must be in attendance 1 of 10 school days, prior to Wednesday, September 26th.

Core Data

· Just a reminder that the Core Data Reporting Date for State Reporting is Wednesday, September 26th!