Department of Commerce

By: Jennifer Eury and Hannah Cole

Leaders of the Department of Commerce

Penny Pritzker - Secretary of Commerce

Bruce H. Andrews - Deputy Secretary of Commerce

Kelly R. Welsh - General Counsel

Stefan M. Selig - Under Secretary for International Trade

Dr. Mark Doms - Under Secretary for Economic Affairs

Dr. Wille E. May - Acting Under Secretary for Technology and Standards and Acting Director

What the Department of Commerce Does

The Department of Commerce works with businesses, universities, communities, and the Nations workers to promote job creation, economic growth, sustainable development, and improved standards of living for Americans. It is made up of economists, Nobel winning scientists, foreign service officers, patent attorneys, law enforcement officers, and specialists in everything from international trade to aerospace engineering.

The key goals of the Department is Trade and Investment, Innovation, Environment and Data.

When The Department of Commerce was Established

The Department of Commerce was established on February 14, 1903.
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