By: Devon F.

What The Taiga Looks Like

This is the Taiga Its Is Very Cold, And Snowy.
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This is the location

The Taiga Is located In North America, Asia, And Europe!
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Taiga Climate

The average high temperature are 70 degrees Fahrenheit The average low tempreatures are -65 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Taigas precipitation comparison per year

12 - 33 inches Per Year!
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Meet the Red Fox

The small, slender bodies of red foxes are designed for speed and agility. In proportion to other canidae species, red foxes have longer legs and smaller stomachs - adaptations that allow the animal to run nearly 30 miles per hour. His large ears are to hear his predators.
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Click Here to hear a Red Fox!

Here are some plants

Taigas Enviromental Concerns

The Taiga is being destroyed everyday by both humans and nature. Nature causes forest fires with lighting, diseased by parasites or herbicides, and spruce trees that grow on top thick moss.Destruction of the Taiga is harmful to humans as well as animals and we need to save it! Forestry destroys the people of the Taiga's native culture; all memories are chopped down to make tissue and paper. We can stop this by planting trees and not using so much paper and using front and back!
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