Happy Holidays!

Winter Break Activities

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Please find log-ins for RazKids, Moby Math and ConnectEd (our math curriculum) in your child's homework folder today. The ConnectEd log-in is new, and there are lots of great games on the website. Also, your child can practice math facts, and you can access the math homelinks and other information from our math lessons.

You will find a Martin Luther King poem in this packet. Please have your student practice reading the poem. We will be performing the poem at the Bryant MLK assembly on January 16. If you can't locate the poem, here is a link to the page:


Plan on your child reading frequently over break, as well as practicing math when possible. Enjoy your holidays!

-Ms. Medeiros

Fact Power! Practice over Break

Last week in math we began practicing doubles facts. Learning basic math facts makes it much easier to work complex problems in the future.

The "doubles" facts are very helpful to know.

1 + 1 =

2 + 2 =

3 + 3 =

and so on, through 10 + 10.

It is important that your student knows the combinations of 10. Use ten pennies, hide some under a plate or paper. Ask, what goes with ___ to make 10?

1 + 9

2 + 8

3 + 7

4 + 6

5 + 5