Oldham County

By: Zach and Keith

Reasons to Come to Oldham County

Many people come to Oldham County for many reasons, the main one would have to be opportunity. What i mean by opportunity is, Oldham County is a great place to get a good home and job. So those are some good reasons why you should move to Oldham County.

Job Opportunities

About the Jobs

Oldham County has many jobs and they all have very good pay, well most of them do. Some jobs that you can get in Oldham County are, you can get a job on the school board, or you can work at a pie shop, there are many more jobs but i can't list them all. at the school board you get to check out shcools in Oldham County and swee how their doing in that school. At the pie shop you get to have free pie if you work there, and you get to make pie and serve it to people.

Oldham County Schools

The schools in Oldham County fill your brains with knowledge and they are some of the best schools in your kid{s} to go to a great school then come on down to Oldham County!!!!!

Oldham County Schools vs Jefferson County Schools

Oldham County Schools are Better

Oldham County schools are better that Jefferson County schools because we have way better education and we have way better technology to provide. Also the lunches may taste bad but there better than Jefferson Countys school lunches. So those are some reasons why Oldham County is better than Jefferson County.