Final Arduino Project

Jace Olson and Gavin Liao

Brainstorm Ideas

  • Make LEDs light up to the best of the music
  • Have lights light up when the motor is on and turn off when the motor is off
  • Have a button turn on a motor and then turn on the second
  • Use LEDs to simulate a traffic light. When the motor turns on the green light flashes


Our idea was to build a model of a street traffic light using and Arduino and LEDs. We will have three LEDs. Two of them red and one of them green. The lights will flash red then red again and then green. When they turn green the motor will turn on.


1 Arduino breadboard

2 red LEDs

1 green LED

1 Servo Motor


Big image

How far did we get?

We were able to finish the build, as seen above. We started the programs and got the lights to light up when we wanted them to, but were unable to finish the programming.

Real word Application

Our real world application was it was a simulation of a stoplight.

Problems we Faced

Problem- we were low on time and did not think we would be able to finish.

Solution- we used only one servo motor instead of two to save time.

Problem- our lights were not lighting up.

Solution- we added wires to connect LEDs to the pins

Journal notes

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