No Teacher Left Behind

21st Century Education

Consistent Standards

In order to ensure equality amongst the education systems across the country, it is important that standards across the country are consistent. We can not expect our students to be successful in a competitive world, if we do not make standards consistent.

Continuous learning

In order for teachers to be effective in 21st century education, it is extremely important that training is continuous. Teachers should attend professional development workshops continuously while they are in the field of education. These workshops should include how to analyze student data,how to engage students, and teach teachers to be proficient in technology.

Are teachers well prepared to master ISTE standards?

Teachers that continue their education through professional development workshops, or receiving advanced degrees are prepared to master ISTE standards. Seasoned teachers that do not continue their education are not.

Country Wide Practices

in order to strengthen the education systems across the country that have reputations of being poor, it is important that teachers follow the same practices across the country. Those practices should include, organization, student feed back, and continuous learning.