All About Me!

By Garridan N


I really do enjoy books, I am currently reading The Last Apprentice, there are twelve books in the series and I am in the ninth book of the series, Grimalkin the Witch Assassin. I am also thinking of starting the Harry Potter series after I am finished with this series, then after that, maybe the Hunger Games.


I much enjoy video games as a pass time. Games like Skyrim, Dark Souls, AdventureQuest Worlds, Forza, Minecraft, etc. I do also vastly enjoy airsoft guns and airsoft wars with friends in a forest area we play in. The lowest FPS (Feet Per Second) I am content with is at least 250 FPS. I prefer electric to spring powered weapons primarily because they can shoot more rounds per second than spring powered weaponry.
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Some imagery of games and airsoft


Some of my favorite restaurants are Red Robin, Burger King, Olive Garden (Although I've only gone there once), and Taco Bell.