Can spying save lives?

Imagine a world were secretive organizations rule the internet, gathering all of your private information

Recently, the government has allowed several organizations to gather all kinds of your private information, such as tapping phone calls, reading text messasges and browser history, and basically monitoring your entire life, but for what?

Backround knowledge

  • The government is granted acsess to every phone, camera, computer, and piece of technoloy, which means that they can read you private text messages, browser history, picture gallery, and many other things.
  • Many people, belive it or not want to stop surveillance because they think some strange man in a dark suit with sunglasses is always staring at him/her with cameras and webcams.
  • As long as you are safe online, and not a terrorist, this WILL NOT affect you.
  • Don't I repeat, DO NOT joke around about bombing on the phone, or in text. You'll never know who's listening on the other end.
  • Don't sweat it! Your information will be protected no matter what, and wont be shared with anyone else but professonals.

Pro and Cons

PRO- Lets say that a man steals your wallet or purse, and runs off into his car, and drives off. Well that camera across the street just recorded the thief, and saw his getaway car's licences plate. The Police track the number, and the thief is behind bars. Without cameras, any and all crime can be gotten away with if there are no witnesses.

CON- Some citizens will not be willing to allow surveillance, but if they are not criminals, what do they have to hide?

PRO: If we can intercept calls from terrorists, we can prevent disasters from occurring.

CON: Most terrorists will uses code words, for example, instead of saying "lets go bomb some buildings" they might substitute the word "bomb" for "visit" and it takes a really good ear to detect code-words.

PRO- This can save your life. If you have a gun pointed at your head, the security guards can respond immediately.

CON- Cameras can be hacked remotely and exploited to illegally spy on people.

When is too much, Too much?

Some people are protesting saying that they feel violated about the NSA and other organizations spying on them, so they want to limit or completely stop private surveillance. but this brings us to our main question. Can it save lives?


Recently, drones have been the new cameras. Police in big cities such as chicago and new york are launching an experiminent to add fleets of drones to various police stations and so far, the crime-catching sucsess rate is high. However, this can be used to benifit criminals as well. One case involves a man who stole a police drone to fly to a nearby store, to snoop around to see vulnrable places to sneak in, and rob the store later that afternoon.


Police and other government officals can track your every movements by simply installing a small microchip into your phone/computer and this has been used many, many times to find criminals.


If it's technology, it can be hacked. Skilled hackers can look at camera feed in places with low firewalls so they can bypass security and have total acsess to any and all devices in the area, so they can use this to there advantage, easily strolling into banks and waving there guns around, not having to worry about a small camera as evidence.

Can it save lives?

Yes, it has and most definitely can. if there were no spying on citizens, there would be disasters, taking the lives of thousands.

But, it can be unsettling to know that maybe, that webcam that you "turned off", is a way for a person to monitor your entire life.