Ulysses S. Grant

He was a civil war hero that helped the north win

Major battles

One of grants major battles was the battle of Vicksburg were he planed to break the Confederate grip on the Mississippi river once and for all. By doing this it would split the confederates in half and cut off there food supply.

How did he contribute to the civil war?

He lead the north into victory during the civil war. He was a very aggressive leader and was determined to defeat Lee. This lead to many victories for the north during the civil war. He won many battles for the north so this lead him to the supreme commander for the north. He contributed to the civil war by winning many battles.

How did Ulysses S. Grant become a civil war hero?

For one he fought in major battles which is why he became a civil war hero. He was great commander so this is why Lincoln promoted him and also became a civil war hero. He was also a civil war hero for ending the war by beating the south.

How did grant help the north?

When the war started experienced people like grant were in short supply. He later on gained attention by leading his troops and fighting in Western Theater. At the end of the war he was rewarded many medals. He was also praised by many people for being so helpful during the civil war.