Alan Turing

by Lucy Curran

who was Alan Turing?

Alan Turing was a mathematician working for the army.

he helped the army break the German Enigma code by designing a machine called the Bombe.

His machine was a breakthrough for the british army because without breaking the Enigma code we may have not won the war!.

Breaking the code

The Enigma machine was a code and communication device used by the Germans before and during world war 2.

the British army needed to know more information about the Nazis to keep Britain safe.

This meant that the British army had to find a way of breaking the Enigma machines confusing codes.

The Enigma machine, what did it do?

The Enigma machine was particularly difficult to understand.

The machine resembled a large typewriter but with two sets of letters.

Only one set of letters were able to be used to make the message.

When one letter was pressed a light would light up on the second set of letters but instead of lighting up the number you pressed it would light up a different letter.

Each word had as many as 408,165,76 different versions.

For example:



This shows that just one word could have many versions so it would be harder to break.