Winter Media Center Newsletter

November-February / 2015-2016

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Book Clubs Connect with Authors

This past fall, the Media Center sponsored a Jungle of Bones book club for 6th graders, a Counting by 7s book club for 7th graders, and a SYLO book club for 8th graders. 6th and 8th grade book clubs had the rare opportunity to talk with the authors of their books!

On November 18th, the 6th grade Jungle of Bones members had a phone conference with Ben Mikaelsen (photo above). The students really enjoyed the experience! They learned so much about what Mr. Mikaelsen's life was like growing up and his inspiration for creating Dylan as a wayward disrespectful teen who eventually learns what it means to fight for one's country and that "freedom is never free."

December 2nd, the 8th grade SYLO book club members were able to talk with D.J. MacHale via Skype (photos below). Students learned so much about his inspiration for writing, how he creates and develops characters, and his writing process. 8th grade book club member Aden S stated, "It was a little overwhelming at first because he is famous; the whole experience made the book more special to me."

As a media specialist and avid reader, I have really appreciated the conscientiousness of the authors! They really care about their readers, and they like to talk with them! To show our appreciation, each book club sent thank you's to Mr. Mikaelsen and Mr. MacHale. Feel free to read more about each author using the links! -- Mrs. Spencer

New Book Clubs Will Start in January!

New book clubs will form in January, and signups will take place January 5th-8th! Signups for students who need a copy of the book will be limited to the Media Center's and Anderson County Public Library's collections. Students who want to get their own copy and students who have already read the book are free to join as well. The titles for the January book clubs are below in case you want to pick up a copy early!

Hour of Code

The media center hosted the hour of code this week. Thank you to the science and technology teachers for letting the students try the Hour of Code; this activity exposes students to the world of computer science in an interactive and fun way!

Read Three, Review Three

The Read Three, Review Three program has started! Students may read three of the twenty SC Junior Book Award books and write online reviews for them. The Google form review is available on the Media Center's Google Classroom, website, and Planet HS. Students who participate and fill in the review forms by February 1st will be invited to a special luncheon. Some students want to read even more in order to participate in a spring Battle of the Books. Here is a link to the Google form book review.

Reading is Essential!

It has been said many times, but it is so true! Reading is essential. Southwood Academy's Media Center has a growing collection, active book clubs, and lots of opportunities for visitors. Classroom teachers endorse and are even a part of book clubs. Below is a graphic that Miss Paradis shared about the importance of reading 20 minutes a day. There is a real reason for 6th and 7th grade reading logs!
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Media Center Statistics

Circulation - The Media Center has been busy this fall and winter! Our middle school of 320 students checked out 1,647 books in the month of October and 1,685 books in the month of November.

The Top MM Classes - The following MM classes have had the most checkouts for the last several months: 7. Latimer, 6. Burdette, 5. Cloninger, 4. Sullivan, 3. Clinkscales, 2. Koch, and 1. Paradis.

Top Titles - The following are the top titles other than class novels and math books: 7. SYLO, 6. Guitar Notes, 5. Better Off Friends, 4. The Selection, 3. Lawless, 2. Counting by 7s, and 1. Jungle of Bones.

Keep reading, Southwood Academy!