The Hero Focus

Heritage Staff Newsletter - April 10, 2017

Dear Heritage Heroes,

I am really enjoying my time at Heritage. I am honored to help and serve the Hero community along with you. You all are working so hard and it is noticed every day. Something that continually crosses my mind as I am in classrooms and walking the halls is that "every second with our children counts!" Every second of research based instruction, every second of prepared and dedicated teachers, and every second that builds a positive relationship is crucial to the success of each Heritage Hero. Thanks for consistently showing up every morning for our children. Thank you for working diligently to be prepared for their learning and growing. Thank you for being committed to best practice and to working hard all day long.

Have a wonderful week of rewarding, intentional, and positive seconds with each of our children. You are touching the future!



Campus Survey - Last day April 12th - Please complete ASAP!

Click on the following link or copy and paste it into your browser to provide feedback on our school. Your information is important as we work together this spring on our Needs Assessment and prioritizing the goals for next year. Please have this complete by April 12th. Thanks!!

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Updates and FYI's

  • April 7th: Deadline for GT referrals
  • April 10th: Fire Drill 12:00
  • April 13th: Grades Uploaded
  • April 13th: Team Leader Meeting
  • April 16th: Grades Finalized in TAC
  • April 21st: Rise and Shine
  • April 25th: Severe Weather Drill
  • April 28th: Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

Upcoming Events to have on your radar:

  • Check to see how you are doing on getting your 6 hours of GT update


We will be participating in Keller’s #LoveMySchoolDay initiative on Tuesday, April 11. All day long, I will be posting on Facebook and Twitter showing off all the positive and wonderful things we love about our school. Be talking to your students about what part of their day they would like to share with everyone on social media. Then, please e-mail me at least one photo next Tuesday, along with a 140 character description or shout-out that I can post. I’ll give everyone a reminder next Monday.

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Professional Development

  • April 12th: PLC's
  • April 13th: Team Leader Meeting
  • April 19th: STAAR Training in PLC's
  • April 20th and 21st - Amber Richards on Campus
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