Diffrernt types of government

By, Reaghan Aggson


Democracy is a form of government the suprem power is in the peoples hands and they get to decide everything. When you think of democarcy think of making a decision with your friends that way the powers in everyones hands.


Dictatorship is a form of government where a small group is in charge of everything and they decide for that regine or community whats best for them. When you think of dictatorship think of the student countsel at your school and see how they make the decision.


Republic is a form of government in witch power resides in the people and the government are ruled by one leader that is elected each 4 years. When you think of republic think of the president because thats the repbulican.


Aristocracy the highest social class in some countries. They would be the dukes or duchess or the people that typically had land and had more many then most people in the town.


Monarchy is a form of government in witch the suprem power is in one persons hands and they rule everyone else. Think of a king when you think of monarchy because the king rules or everone.


Anarchy is when there are no cops and no laws at all. Think of it as someone took a law magnet and put it over government so now there are no laws.