Rākau Nui Newsletter

Term 1, Week 4

Newsletter 22 February 2022

Tēnā koutou katoa

Here is some information you should need for hybrid learning. Please be aware that you will only need to access hybrid learning at home if your child is well but isolating or awaiting COVID test results. We are aware that there is a lot of information here but have tried to keep things as simple as possible. Please contact your child’s home class teacher to ask questions as they arise.

We have started by putting everything you and your child will need in one place, the Rākau Nui Hub. This has been shared directly to the Rākau Nui Links Google Classroom to make access easy. If you would also like it shared with you and you have a Gmail account, please let us know. All the Classroom codes that take students through to Google Classroom for maths, literacy and STEAM are available here. Students have an opportunity to access STEAM learning but they will need to join the correct Google classroom for their STEAM rotation.

The rotation for the next 2 weeks is:

Trelise’s home class ---> Miss Grant’s STEAM (Google Classroom code: ztfrl6g)

Ali’s home class ---> Trelise’s STEAM (Google Classroom code: x6jua2s)

Miss Grant’s home class ---> Jenni’s STEAM (Google Classroom code: l4a2ekt)

Christine’s home class ---> Ali’s STEAM (Google Classroom code: wx55d2f)

Jenni’s home class ---> Christine’s STEAM (Google Classroom code: mqm 5xm )

As the need arises, we will turn Google Meet on so that students can access this from home. The link for the Google Meet is on the top left of the Google Classroom stream page, just under the title. Please let us know if any of the links don’t work and we will fix them.

To minimise the noise from teacher videos being played in the classroom, we are allowing students to bring their own headphones/earbuds to school if they wish. If students choose to do this, please make sure that they are not expensive or precious items as it is possible that they may be misplaced or broken. School will provide a limited number of sets for those students that need them. Please make sure that where possible, they are also clearly named so they can be returned to your child if lost.

Google Classroom will be the place where we put learning activities for students to do independently. This is how we are also working in the physical classroom so students are familiar with using Google Classroom. The Rākau Nui links Google Classroom (code: vxjto3t) has the Google Meet link for maths and literacy starters and for hui.

Students should be using Seesaw to share the learning that they’ve done at home with us through Seesaw. They need to use the CLASS app or website rather than the family one on tablets or phones. If they use an internet browser, they go to https://app.seesaw.me, select ‘I am a student’ and sign in with their school Google accounts. We may also send learning activities through Seesaw for students to complete so it’s a good idea for students to check in with Seesaw at least once a day.

For digital safety reasons, it’s important that there is an adult in the room while students use Google Meet.

Rākau Nui have been working on Digital Citizenship and our key messages are:

Pause and Think before you go online:

  • Use your head: Check that the websites and emails are from trusted sources.

  • Use your arms: Balance the time that you spend online or on devices with other activities.

  • Use your gut: Report anything online that makes you feel uncomfortable to a trusted adult.

  • Use your legs: Stand up to cyberbullying by reporting it to a trusted adult. Ask them to help you block bullies and report them.

  • Use your feet: Be mindful of your digital footprint. Keep personal information and passwords private.

  • Use your heart: Show people respect on the internet and make kind and helpful posts or comments.

Here is a catchy tune to help you remember:


In line with our school digital user agreement, it is important that students only use their school email login for learning purposes. Whilst Google Meet has been opened up to students on their school Google accounts to allow them to join in online lessons, these should not be used for students to talk to each other without a teacher being present. If students wish to use these types of tools socially, they should be used with personal accounts and under parental supervision. Additionally, when students are using Google Meet they should remember to use good digital citizenship and be kind and respectful while communicating with each other. As teachers are unable to monitor what students are doing online, we have to ask parents to ensure they know what their children are doing online, and who they are talking to.

In 2022 there are two options for providing your child with an emergency pack:

  1. Supply a pack for your child or children, the same as previous years, which must be provided by 28 February:

➢ 1 small tin meal eg spaghetti, baked beans

➢ 2 small tins of fruit

➢ 3 snack items

➢ 6-10 (wrapped) barley sugar lollies

➢ 1 plastic spoon

➢ 2 large plastic bag

If a pack hasn’t been supplied for your child by Monday 28 February then we will presume you wish to order one through the school.

  1. Pay $7 and an emergency kit will be supplied for your child. These kits are nut free to cater for students with allergies. An order form will be sent home next week, where you will be able to pay using Kindo, Eftpos or sending $7 to the office.

Thanks to the Home and School Committee who are organising emergency kits for families who order them.

Our wonderful road patrollers have been hard at work already this term making sure your tamariki are crossing the road safely. As it is the start of the year, here are a couple of reminders about using the crossing and the road outside the school:

- Please do not park on the yellow lines. The yellow lines around the crossing are there so that there is enough space for our road patrollers to see oncoming traffic to then be able to make safe decisions about stopping and entering traffic. If they can't see because a car is on the yellow lines blocking their view, they cannot safely do their job. If you are using a vehicle to pick up your child, please consider other options such as parking slightly further away and walking to meet your child (ie: Catherine Crescent) or for older students, arrange to meet them at a spot a bit further away from school.

- On both sides of the road, there are painted white lines behind the road patrollers. When you want to cross the road please stand behind this line and wait until the road patrollers have said "cross now" and lowered their arms. The road patrollers have a number of checks they must complete before they let you cross. When the road patrollers have said "cross now", it means the road patrollers have assessed the dangers and decided it is safe for you or your child to cross. So please, for your safety, wait until the road patrollers have said these words and dropped their arm.

Thank you for your cooperation and for supporting our road patrollers!

If your child brings a cell phone to school for any reason, could you please remind them that they must be taken to the office before school and can be collected at 3pm. Student cell phones are not permitted in the classroom or cloak bays and school cannot take responsibility for any missing or broken phones that are left in pockets and bags. Additionally, mobile devices should not be used to take videos or photographs on school grounds as the images captured may include both adults and students who have not given consent to be recorded.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything with us, please remember that your first point of contact is your child’s home class teacher. Our email addresses are:






Hei konā mai

Jenni, Trelise, Sarah, Christine, Ali, Judy, Kath, Andi, Leah, Kuini, Haley, Min and Megan

Useful Dates - Please note that all dates are subject to COVID restrictions and events may be cancelled or postponed

Wednesday 13 April - Term 1 ends 3.00pm

Thursday 14 April - Teacher Only Day

Friday 15 April - Good Friday (School Closed)