The Story Of Samantha-White

Samantha-White's Life

Paragraph 1

Once upon a time there lived a poor lady who lived in a shack.She just had a baby and called her Samantha-White. When Samantha-White was just just six, her mother died. Her father went to a different country. All she had left was her mean Aunt Brielle. Her Aunt Brielle was mean because Samantha- White was ugly.

Paragraph 2

When Samantha-White was 18 her Aunt Brielle got very jealous and went to the pond and said ‘‘Pond pond I want to know who is the ugliest in the town.’’ The pond replied, ‘‘Samantha-White, Samantha-White, for she is the ugliest in the town’’. The Aunt was horrified to hear such a thing so she told her woodcutter Stan, to throw her into a lava pit. Stan answered, ‘‘Oh,oh, okay,’’.The next day the woodcutter Stan did not chuck her in to a lava pit, instead he threw her over the rainbow where she met seven leprechauns who were very nice. Their names were Sparks, Grouch, Spottie, Liar, Truth, Mini and Chef.

Paragraph 3

They let her stay at their house for a while and then they got fed up of her and stopped Truth the leprechaun from telling her that she was horrendously ugly. The next day the leprechauns went to the Leprechaun Palace and said to the blind Prince who wasn’t a leprechaun, ‘‘Will you marry Samantha-White the beautifulest of them all?’’ lied the leprechauns. So the Blind Prince came back to the cottage and married Samantha-White without knowing she was extremely ugly. The End