#MichED 1/27/16 Coming Together

Supporting DPS and Flint Students, Staff and Schools

“We are all one #michED family. We all share the same charge of caring for and educating the students in our communities. We share services, we share ideas, we collaborate with one another, and we are stronger and more capable educators because of it. How can we, the #michED family, help uplift and support the students, classrooms, staff, and schools in Flint and Detroit? What material, emotional, or curricular needs do the teachers of these districts have that #michED can help provide? The expectation of this evening’s chat is that #michED can meet around this important topic and support the students and teachers of Flint and Detroit.”

Wednesday, Jan. 27th, 8-9pm

This is an online event.

Chat norms for this topic:

  • Be respectful of others

  • Focus on practical solutions and questions to help support Flint and Detroit students and classrooms

  • Share ideas, organizations, and projects that are focused on supporting students in Flint and Detroit


  • Q1: How do we talk with our students about the situation in Flint and Detroit in constructive ways? What resources are you using? #michED

  • Q2: How can we support students and teachers going through something as hectic as the situation in Flint and Detroit? #michED

  • Q3: Flint schools have been deluged with water bottles & cans. How can they creatively recycle, re-use, and re-purpose their empties? #michED

  • Q4: Detroit Public Schools has many ways to offer support directly http://detroit.k12.mi.us/admin/communications/get_involved/ How can we help spread these opportunities? #michED

  • Q5: Many #michED students learn in challenging environments. What positive support could/should policy makers provide?

  • Q6: What are constructive and positive ways teachers, students, and schools across #michED can and are supporting Flint and Detroit?