4th Grade News 1/19/16

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information

Don't forget to dress for the weather! If the temp and/or wind chill is above freezing, students do go outside for recess. Make sure your child has appropriate warm clothing!

Bring in all Box Tops!

Book Orders due TOMORROW! Order online at www.scholastic.com using the class code GNFMJ or send order with check (made to Scholastic) or cash!

Class Pictures-January 21st

Make sure you send picture if you want to purchase a class picture. Envelopes were sent home last week. The pictures are $12.00.

K-Kids are collecting toothbrushes and toothpaste January 19-29.

Math, Science, and Social Studies

Math-This week we will continue working on long division to complete the Multiplication and Division Module. Next week we will begin a module on fractions.

In fluency, we will be working on all facts 1-12. Your child has fact cards in their zipper pouch that we cut out the first semester for all fact families. Please make sure your child spends a little time each night studying those facts that are most problematic. We will have a cumulative assessments on all facts starting Friday. We will practice accuracy checks over the next several weeks. Those kids who passed the accuracy check last week will be doing other activities to enrich their number fluency.

*A fun website your child can use at home to help prepare for the upcoming cumulative test is www.mulitplication.com. Students use this site multiple times throughout the week to work on fact families that are most problematic for them. This site has tons of fun games that the students enjoy.

Science-We had a great first week back in Science last week. We didn't get as far as I planned. We will begin the week with a Marshmallow Puff lab to demonstrate Newton's Second Law of Motion and mid-week we will create marshmallow catapults to demonstrate Newton's Third Law of Motion. It should be a fun week!

Reading, Writing, Vocab and Word Study

Word Study--Students are getting new spelling words today. Orange and blue groups will meet with me tomorrow to go over sorts and will test on Friday. The new purple group will meet with me on Thursday, and they will keep their words for two weeks. They won't test until Friday the 29th. Please remember that www.spellingcity.com/janafoster is a great resource! Orange and blue groups will test on paper this week instead of on the Chromebooks.

Reading--We will continue reading like historians and focusing on Lewis & Clark and Sacajawea. This week we will make a "What happened and why?" chart, we will make predictions based on headings, we will create a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast Lewis & Clark's actual journals with our biography of Sacajawea, and we will create a timeline of important events. In addition, students will meet in reading rotations where they will use Chromebooks, read self-selected materials, respond to an evidence prompt, discuss 1st and 2nd hand accounts, and review text structure of non-fiction writings.

Writing--We will be researching the famous historians we selected last week. After gathering information from a variety of sources, we will synthesize information to begin a quick draft of a biography. In addition, students will have time daily for free writing. We will also continue to practice our cursive handwriting. Our final copies of published writing will all be written in cursive this semester.

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