DOPS, INC. Press Release

DOPS, Inc. Sells the Rights to 7 Major Craft Beer Brands

Monday, January 7, 2013

DOPS, Inc. would like to announce that it has sold the rights of seven of their craft beers in Maryland and Washington D.C.

DOPS, Inc., established in 1984, distributes beer, wine and spirits in Maryland, Washington, DC and Delaware. It is a family owned and operated company which concentrates on family owned wineries, craft breweries and micro distilleries. DOPS entered the craft brewery segment in 1986 and was the first market outside of Massachusetts to sell Samuel Adams. This was soon followed by the Brooklyn Brewery and then expanded into a diverse portfolio of craft beers from all parts of the world.

The sale involved Allagash, Brooklyn, Smuttynose, Rogue, Abita, Victory and Troegs. Allagash has been purchased by Premium Distributing in Washington, DC and Montgomery County, Maryland; while Legends has purchased the rights in the remaining Maryland counties. The Brooklyn Brewery rights were purchased by FP Winner in Maryland, excluding Montgomery County. Smuttynose, Rogue, Victory and Troegs were purchased by Capital Eagle in Washington, DC and the Maryland Craft Alliance in Maryland. Abita was also purchased by the Maryland Craft Alliance.

The seven breweries included in the sale are highly acclaimed and rapidly growing in the craft brewing arena. These brands contributed approximately 17 percent of DOPS’ overall sales. DOPS has retained many acclaimed brewers and award winning beers in its portfolio and as usual DOPS will remain open to new beer brand opportunities. The company is also a fine wine distributor and will continue to build that category.

DOPS, Inc. is looking forward to the opportunities this sale will provide the company. The company will turn their focus to improving its facilities, updating its fleet, streamlining its inventory management and establishing a higher level of customer service. DOPS, Inc will continue to be a leader and an innovator in its brand development.