Pro GMO's

We need GMO's to cure disease and feed the hungry.

Whats are GMOs?

GMO’s are genetically modified organisms that are found in crops such as corn, cotton seed oil, soybeans canola. GMOs are plants or animals that have undergone a process where scientists alter their genes with DNA from different species of living organisms and bacteria. We have been eating food with GMOs in them and we have not had an effect to the organism.

My research on GMOs

A meta-study of more than 1,700 peer-reviewed studies found no evidence that GMO crops produce adverse effects in humans or livestock. And a recent review of 29 years of livestock health and productivity statistics. looking at relevant data from both before and after the introduction of genetically engineered feed and covering more than one billion animals—concluded that GMO feed is every bit as safe and nutritious as non-GMO. Scientist have been able to demonstrate that GMOs are NOT toxic to the animals that eat them.

Can GMOs cure you and End hunger?

Yes, story about a little girl who had been sick from leukemia for two years, wasn’t responding to conventional therapies, and her parents chose to try alternative medicine. Not magic lotions and potions from soulless snake-oil salesmen– A GMO virus, made in part with HIV-1. This little girl was cured from leukemia from the effects of GMOs. She is now living her life knowing that there is GMOs to help her through her troubles.This is just one example of many cancer cures in the United states.

Final Statement

I hear what your saying but GMOs have cured a lot of kids and parents and does not seem to affect your living life. But we could still have a good use for GMOs and maybe one day it can help problems such as pollution and global warming.
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