Teens Against Hitler


I believe that the teens were against Hitler because he would cause them harm if they were Jews and sadness by drafting their father or their brothers etc. This can cause great sadnesses for different people. Family and friends of Jews could've have experienced sadness because of the Jews being sent to concentration camps and dying there. They might be sad because they might lose their friends or family from them going to war. Even if they survive the war the other people still might not see them again. During the actual war the Holocaust costed the lives of many and destroyed the homes of many. Many civilian people died too from the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima to the many air raids in Germany. From the information I've provided about my opinion you can see why I think this.

Text Elements

There is a text to real life right at the beginning of the article which relates the passage to you getting you hooked. Next it provided information in many ways. One of those ways are by using the time period it was based off of and comparing it to ours. Another way is by using actual events to hook us on to keep reading. It explains his (Ben Kamm) life from the most important parts of his life. It basically summarizes his life by picking the most important parts of his life and then describing them in more detail forming the article. One main text element is that it is organized in chronological order. This is important because the article because it is a biography of Ben Kamm in a way. This article's main text feature is providing accurate information. There are many other different text features not listed.