Demonstration Plan

Packaging, Assistant, Note Take


June 3rd or June 7th

Time of Demo


Description of Activity: Packaging Materials

Packaging the essentials for everyday use is important if we use them frequently. These skills required for the demonstration is having good hand coordination and being able to understand what and the amount of what you are packaging. For example, packing 4-6 gauze pieces in sanitary bags, certain pills in bags, etc.

Description of Activity: Assisting

As for assisting, its important to understand what is going on in the environment so that you make the procedure more efficient for the worker. Have steady hands and be ready to hand the worker the items they need and be ready to get what they ask for in most efficient way possible.

Description of Activity: Daily Note Take

This, you will need a bit of an understanding to take notes and know what is going on during the procedure. A lot of questions are asked for reassurance and this will make your knowledge and understanding a lot better just by knowing the materials use, its purpose, and the procedure. Long term health risks and x-rays may benefit the understanding as well.

Details of Activity: Packaging

1. Take labeled stickers and place on Ziploc

2. If Ziploc has a label on already, skip step 1.

3. Take the required amount and type of pill and place however many it calls for.

EXAMPLE: Tylenol 500mg x2

4. Zip the baggie and set aside

5. Repeat until all bags are complete

6. Store in the laboratory room

Details of Activity: Assisting

1. Greet the client that your worker will be working today

2. Lead to their room and ask them to take a seat

3. Wait until the dentist is ready to get started

4. Wear latex gloves before starting anything

5. Wait until the dentists asks you what equipment she will be using and have it ready, one in each hand

6. As she asks for one tool, you pass it, and take it back until she asks for another

7. Once the procedure has finished, remove latex gloves and discard

Details of Activity: Daily Note Take

1. Grab a chair with who you'll be working with and observing.

2. You'll need a pencil and paper to jot what you need to know

3. Ask questions if needed

4. Write down what is important to your knowledge (key words, steps, materials, etc.)

5. Once finished with the procedure, you may go over notes and do excessive research

Required Materials

- Pen.

- Paper
- Clipboard.

- Chair

- Sanitary Seal Bags

- Latex gloves

- Gauze

- Ziploc bags

- Pills

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