Followers are called Christians

A Christians way to flow

Christians are followers of God. Christianity was founded by Abraham We believe in the holy trinity, which include God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Christians follow the rules that are known as the Ten Commandments. These commandment consist of (1) Thou shale not have any gods before me, (2)Thou shale not make idols, (3)Thou shale not take the Lord your God's name in vein, (4)Remember the Sabith and keep it holy, (5)Honer your father and mother, (6) thou shale not murder, (7)Thou shale not commit adultery, (8)Thou shale not steal, (9)Thou shall not bear false whiteness, and finally, (10)Thou shall not covet. The leader of a Christians church is called a priest. This person leads prayer and services at the church. Christians can talk to God any time, anywhere. Christians are not forced to go to church, but encouraged by the bible. In the bible, it tells about Jesus Birth, his life, his deth, his Resurrection, and the eternal life in heaven. For Christians, we celebrate Jesus's birth (Christmas) and Jesus's Resurrection (Easter).