Wonder Women

July 2014 * Team Hunt

Summertime Sales

Hey ladies! You've been selling this season! Not letting the busy-ness of summer slow you down too much! Some of you are hosting parties on the go- at pools, parks, and ballgames. Some of you are doing catalog parties and Facebook parties too. As long as you are partying- you'll keep seeing the blessings flow.

Please welcome some new Thirtyone Sisters to our team:

Michaelle Tellis (Laura Kellermeyer)

Keri Lengemann (Beth Hunt)

Sarah Parretta (Beth Hunt)

Please make sure to join our group on Facebook where you will find answers to many of your BURNING questions, as well as, encouragement!

Team Owens: GODCHICKS! This is my director's page (Jen Owens). We all BELONG in this group- so ask away. You'll be surprised how much help you can get from this group!

Top in SALES

These ladies have been WonderWomen in the selling department (although you are all WonderWomen in my eyes). Let's celebrate them!!!


Personal Volume ($1000+):

  • Sky Briscoe: $1931
  • Elizabeth Shubert: $1609
  • Lori Reed: $1304
  • Kristin Belcher: $1166
  • Kelly Vanderpool: $1120
  • Dee Rouse: $1009

Party going gals (2+):

  • Sky Briscoe-3
  • Elizabeth Shubert-2
  • Lori Reed-2
  • Kelly Vanderpool-2
  • Dee Rouse-2
  • Congrats to Kristin Belcher who had a party > $1000!!!


Personal Volume ($600+):

  • Elizabeth Shubert: $1373
  • Sky Briscoe: $888
  • Laura Kellermeyer: $808
  • Kelly Vanderpool: $743
  • Dee Rouse: $686

Party going gals (2+):

  • Dee Rouse-3
  • Laura Kellermeyer-2
  • Elizabeth Shubert-2
  • Sky Briscoe-2


Personal Volume ($600+):

  • Sky Briscoe: $1998 (Wowza!)
  • Laura Kellermeyer: $886
  • Elizabeth Shubert:$777

Party going gals (2+):

  • Sky Briscoe-3
  • Laura Kellermeyer-3
  • Elizabeth Shubert-2

My stats

April PV: $1571/2 parties

May PV: $1053/3 parties

June PV: $1239/4 parties

Based on my sales for June, I should have only made $309. But because I chose leadership, I made $530.

Each One, Reach One...

Building a team is the best way to work efficiently in this business. Once your team grows, you start seeing money on your paycheck because you earn a percentage off your team's volume! It's fantastic!

My challenge to you is to add just one team member this season. I know you can think of someone who would enjoy this experience...what's holding you back from sharing it with them? God blesses those to help others, so consider others for a moment. Then reach out and share. You will be surprised what happens! Any person who adds a team member between April-August will receive a Target/Walmart $10 gift card from me! :) Good luck ladies!