New Jack Guarding Sing Sing

Ted Conover


(Newjack) is the boldest project that Conover has pulled off, no small claim for a writer who has spent his career penetrating deep into shrouded territory and emerging with spicy yarns from the prison sing sing.

Author's purpose

The author's purpose for writing the book "New jack guarding sing sing" is to tell people about how bad prison actually is, and to show you that if you work hard on what you do you can do what ever you wanna do.

Concepts, Principles and Techniques

1.) One of the concepts that i learned about reading the book " new jack guarding sing sing" is that if you work hard at something you can get what you want in return.

2.) there was one principal in this book that i learned and it was that if your going to do something bad you better be ready to go to jail for what you have done.

3.) the last concept that i learned was that do bad things bad things happen, do good things good things happen.

Chapter that made the biggest impression on me

the chapter that had maid the biggest impression on me would have to be chapter 9. chapter 9 maid the biggest impression on me because there was a riot in block A where all of the killers and located at, when the riot happened Ted Conover had just got his (CO) thing witch is the highest ranking officer in the prison, Ted had to shoot 5 people because of the riot.

Book rating

I would rate this book at a 4. I would rate this book at a 4 because it was a good fast read that had a lot of information about prisons that i did not know before, and that what could happen to you in prison and the other person would not get in trouble the rules are different in prison.

Who would enjoy this book? i think people that like to learn new stuff they should read this book because there is lots of information in this book just about what happens in prison.

Two passages

Page 144,

" Stop this bug-game shit!" he yelled. The inmate seemed insensate. No emotion passed across his face, no sign of fear or pain. BAM! Phekan slammed him up against the wall again. the time Massey looked more discouraged and did not try to stand. we locked him and dusted ourselves off."

Why did i choose this passage? i choose this passage because you can see how mean some of the officers can be but some times they have to be mean to get things done.

Page 104,

Why did i choose this passage? i choose this passage because it shows you that there can be good officers and bad officers that the officers are bringing drugs and guns to the inmate, and that the inmates can get or make there own guns and drugs.

Something surprising

When i was reading the book called "Newjack Guarding Sing Sing" i read something that surprised me. The thing that had surprised me is the fact that the highest ranking officers can shoot an inmate that is trying to either kill someone else or trying to harm them self or someone else. I found this surprising because i did not know that the officers in the prison could actually shot a inmate that was in a riot or just trying to hurt someone.