A2 Live Online K-5 FAQs

For Prospective Students

What is A2 Live Online Elementary?

A2 Live Online is a synchronous online learning program. Students meet their teachers and classmates in an online platform for a full day of instruction Monday-Friday.

Is A2 Live Online right for my child?

Each child and family is different. To assist you in determining whether A2 Online is a match for your child there are several things that you can do:

Does my child have to commit to A2 Online for the full year?

No, but we do require students to commit to a full trimester. The 2021-22 trimester schedule is as follows:

T1: August 30 - November 23

T2: November 29 - March 11

T3: March 14 - June 10

Do you teach the Ann Arbor Public Schools curriculum?


Will my child need parent support?

Yes. The support of a parent or another trusted adult is important for student success. Depending on their age, development and technology skills, students may need assistance logging in, maintaining their schedule and submitting assignments.

Will my child work with an AAPS teacher?

Yes. All A2Online teachers are AAPS teachers.

How do you take attendance?

Daily attendance will be taken in the morning and afternoon during LIVE zoom sessions. A student is considered present when the student logs in via Zoom and demonstrates active engagement.

Will my child have opportunities to meet other students?

Children will meet with their classmates every day via Zoom.

Do students in A2 Online have specials?

Yes. Students will have Art, Music, Library and Physical Education.

Is A2 Live Online closed if the district is closed?

Yes. If AAPS schools are scheduled to be closed or they are closed for another reason (i.e.; inclement weather) A2Online is also closed.

Do you follow the Ann Arbor Public School calendar?


How will my child's progress be evaluated?

Teachers will assess student progress through observation, conversations, assignments, pre and post tests, as well as State and District assessments

Will my child receive a report card?

Yes. Report cards are an important tool for communicating your child’s progress in grade level content.

My child has an IEP. Will my child receive services?

AAPS is committed to providing a free and appropriate education to all students. To the extent possible, services outlined in an Individualized Education Plan will be offered online. In the event that the IEP team can not implement a student's IEP online, other program options may be recommended.

Do I need a computer?

Yes. A computer and daily wifi access are essential to engage in instruction. A ChromeBook, iPad or other device is loaned to students by AAPS.

Will my child need to report in person?

Students enrolled in A2 Online will not need to report in person. The exception is that a student may be required to report to participate in required District assessments and will be required to report in person to participate in State assessments including M-STEP (3rd, 4th and 5th grade) and WIDA (English Language Learners). Parents are responsible to provide transportation.

What is Clever?

Clever is the portal where you will find supplemental program applications that support students' learning interests and individualized learning needs. All AAPS students are given a Clever account.

How can I get tech support?

There is a hotline available to all AAPS families. Call (734) 997-1222 for support for your district device and applications. In addition, you may email technology questions to family_techsupport@aaps.k12.mi.us.