Solar System Exploration

Olivia winnel

Pre 1900:

William Herschel

Full Name....DOB....DOD

Sir fredrick William Herschel was born on the 15th of November 1738 and died on the 25th of August 1822 making him 84 years of age


Williams occupation was astronomy.

Being an astronomer gave him the opportunity to discover many things in our solar system...........such as moons and planets

Discoveries and their dates

William Herschel discovered the following things

  • Mimas in 1789..........Mimas is one of saturn's moons
  • Uranus on the 13th of march 1781......... Uranus is the planet located between Saturn and Neptune
  • Titania on the 11th of January 1787.......... titania is one of uranus' moons
  • Enceladus on the 28th of August 1789........enceladus is one of saturns moons
  • Oberon in also one of uranus' moons

Technologies used

william herschel moved to england in 1757 where him and his sister caroline constructed and built telescopes to survey the night sky.William and his sister constructed more than four hundred telescopes......telescopes that he contructed was wat he used in discoveries.

his work helped us to know two moons of saturn, two moons of uranus and uranus itself

Post 1900

Name and Date

The Mars Rover was launched on the 24th of january 2004


its objective/goal was to collect mars rock samples, look for life on mars, send back photographs of the land and send back anylisations

technologies used

rocket booster,heat protection, wheels, saterlites, and cameras with and wide range of veiw


the mars rover found out that there was flowing water on mars

additional infomation

it is intresting that the mars rover is like a bugy with solar pannals so it can keep on looking for things that we need to find out