Primary Points to Ponder

April 8-12

Happy Trails to Mrs. Born who gets the privilege of staying home with her sweet baby boy. We hope she comes back to us!

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Paras and Time Clocks

On weeks we have faculty learning, we have asked you to extend your lunches. You are not allowed to leave early at the end of the day to make up time unless it is cleared by Parsons or Walker. Stretch lunch times or take a break to run to Sonic. If this does not work with your schedule, get with Evelyn to find a time to adjust.

Everyone and Time Clocks

If you have to leave early, come in late, come and go, etc.

1. Email Evelyn to get permission from Walker or Parsons.

2. Email Evelyn so she knows when she is looking at time clock.

3. If it is less than 2 hours, make up the time.

4. If is more than 2 hours, put a time clock request in.

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Optional Teacher Survey

This is an optional survey for teachers that Walker is using for a doctoral class. If you would like to fill out the survey, please complete by April 12.

Summer Professional Dates

Teachers must have 3 days. More info and the sheet to come.

New Teachers- August 5, 6, 7, 8- This will be district training. You may attend more if you would like.

New Teachers will need Ecoland Training through Region 7.

Prekindergarten- Choose 3 days from Region 7 or another conference based on your needs. Walker or Parsons will approve them.


New TEKS Training- June 4 with Pine Tree or pick New TEKS Training from Region 7.

Math Training-July 24

Choose 3 days from Region 7 or another conference based on your needs. Walker or Parsons will approve them.

Registration- We will be looking for help at registration August 5, 6, 7. We would love all the teacher help we can get even 2 hours a day.

I hope you enjoyed the Voice Activated Copy Machine! April Fools!

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Please make sure your computer is printing to the Queue....we are throwing away a lot of copies that are left

Here are the steps to print to the Xerox Queue

  1. Choose form to print

  2. Drop arrow down by Destination

  3. Choose Xerox-Queue papercut

  4. Go to printer and input your school ID # (located on your badge)

  5. Check the box you want printed and the pages will print.

Primary Calendar of Events

Check this every week so you can keep up with events. Click on links to see attachments. The 2019-2020 tab at the bottom has important dates for next school year.

Congratulations to our 2019 Beacon Award Winner Ms. Sinclair! Click below to read Emma's Essay!

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We had a great school store shopping week! We will be adding more goodies as we go on!

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4th 9 weeks F&P Testing Schedule

Please remember to test throughout the whole window and help fellow teachers get everyone tested.

Possible 2019-2029 T-shirt Ideas

Please send feedback to Kraus and Crockett.

If you have a Longview Library Card, you can access hoopla which has thousands of professional development books.

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Links you need

Parent Liaison Referral Form

Please fill this out when you want Ms. Chism to help with contacting and working with parents.

Student Recognition per Month

Check Primary Events Calendar for Due Dates

Primary Staff Notebook

This has just about everything you need!

Pine Tree Primary Symbaloo

This has links to many of our pages. You can make it your homepage!

Professional Development Opportunities

Teacher to Teacher Observation

You must complete one a semester.

Project ETELL Registration

This is a route to begun ESL or bilingual certified with no cost to you.

SIOP Texas Gateway Training

All staff who work directly with students must complete this training.