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First Week Updates

We had a great first week! While we had some challenges, long drop off lines, long pickup lines, we adjusted and are getting closer and closer to being back on track. The BEST part of course was hearing the voices, laughter and seeing the smiling eyes of children back in our building.

I want to continue to reiterate, PLEASE, do no sent your children to school sick or if someone in your home is sick. If we are all going to stay healthy and keep our doors open, we need everyone doing their part! Please review our nurse's newsletter below and you can also find previous newsletters on the nurse's link on our school website.

As we move into the next week, we are making a few adjustments to make dismissal smoother. While the lines are still long, from Monday to Friday, we were able to cut our dismissal process by thirty or more minutes. The dismissal process is a true testament to teamwork as it takes us all doing our part to make it work smoothly. I also want to remind parents that the arrival and dismissal process for our campus is designed around safety, not speed. I fully appreciate that it is frustrating to wait in a line, but if we all follow the procedures, both processes can be both safe and fast. Please review below for adjustments.

Arrival Procedures Update

Arrival is going well, as we closed the week, we were able to shave down the time and 98% of students were in classrooms by 7:45. Our goal is 7:40. We will go one more week without marking tardy, however the expectation is that all students are in the building by 7:40 a.m. Below are a few areas to review that will help speed up our arrival process:

  • When you pull up, be ready to roll the window down to have your child's temperature checked. Their mask should be on at this time
  • Have all their supplies ready to grab(lunch, instrument, back backs, etc.)
  • Please watch your speed through the drop off areas
  • Do not create a double loop by trying to pull around cars. Please be patient!
  • We will still have a walk up table on Jason only! A staff member is stationed their to take your temperature. If you walk through the park, wait at the park gate entrance to the school until a staff member takes your child's temperature.
  • Remember drop off locations are: k,1,3-Birdwood/2,4,5 Jason loop

Dismissal Procedure Updates

Dismissal is where we need to all continue to work together. Our goal is safety before speed. We know that the lines are long, and we are working every day to make this more efficient. Below are a few procedural updates for dismissal. PLEASE adhere to our procedures. We will not make special adjustments for one person as this compromises our systems to ensure we get all children where they need to be safely. Below are guidelines and multiple options to make pick up easier.

  • Pick up locations are the same as drop off k,1,3 on Birdwood, grade 2,4,5 on Jason.
  • At dismissal, the older sibling goes to the classroom of the younger sibling and is picked up where the younger sibling would be picked up.
  • Walkers: email your child's teacher that they are a walker. Without this communication we will not release them to walk home or even to the park to meet you.
  • Meet your child at park gate: If you are a parent that parks near the park and meets your child at the park gate, you should designate them as a walker. Just before the bell, I gather the walkers and park students and bring them outside for dismissal.
  • Birdwood loop early birds: Many of you know about early birds and we will be starting on Wednesday, October 28th. These are students whose normal pick up location is Birdwood. Mrs. Gaines gathers early birds, and they walk out with her to the Birdwood loop (which is the large grassy area past the loop). If your child is a Birdwood early bird, it means you walk up and are there at 2:55 to pick them up. If not there at 2:55, they will be sent back inside. If parking and walking over to early bird, be sure to only park on the house side of the street as not to disrupt the pickup line. If you would like to be in this group, please email Mrs. Gaines, by Tuesday, October 27th with your child's name and teacher. Only those on the list for Wednesday will start on Wednesday.
  • Walk up: We will no longer accommodate walk up pick up. A walk up is a parent that is asking for their child to be called because they want to avoid the pickup line. They have made no designation for their child or have not notified the school of an unusual situation that would adjust pick up procedures for their child. We will also not call students from Birdwood to come to the Jason loop for pick up or students from Jason to come to the Birdwood loop for pick up.

Red Ribbon Week

Next week we celebrate Red Ribbon week! This week is recognized in schools across the country to encourage students stay clear of drugs. As we campus, we focus on our three R's and making responsible decisions. We have a week of fun for student culminating with wearing Halloween costumes at the close of the week. While we allow costumes, a few guidelines apply to costumes worn both by in-person or virtual students. Please review below:

  • Costumes must be age appropriate
  • No gore, blood, scary costumes, etc.
  • No weapon props(swords, guns, chains, etc.)
  • Costume mask are not allowed
  • Students must still wear their safety protective mask
  • Students must be able to sit in their desk with the costume and wear through out the day

Please click the link below for activities.

E.O. Lovett Elementary Fine Arts Magnet 2016 National Blue Ribbon School

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