Knowsys Vocabulary Group 4



In a poll of comic book fans, Spiderman was voted the most AGILE Marvel hero because of his spider-like moves.


This man, Elie Wiesel, has worked for almost 70 years to DISPEL misinformation about the Holocaust. We will read his book *Night* next semester when we study the Holocaust.

(NOTE: You can DISPEL beliefs, feelings, or ideas -- NOT tangible things.)


The State of Texas EXECUTED its most recent EXECUTION on October 9th.


Once he EXTRICATED himself from the animal shelter where he was being held, this clever dog found a new home! Watch the video below for the full story:


I hope that the recent allegations of bullying in professional football will IMPEL the NFL to look into and punish those who are guilty.


If he is a prisoner, a person might literally wear SHACKLES that would restrict his physical movement.

If he is uneducated, an adult might figuratively wear the SHACKLE of illiteracy that would restrict his professional movement.


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Our study of these words will CULMINATE in our 4th vocabulary quiz next week. Be ready!!!