junk food is bad FOR YOU

my research topic

Dont eat junk food

Junk food is generally defined as food items that have little nutritional value beyond providing fat or sugar.

Three Facts

1.Teenagers are most likely to by junk food like chips and cokes or candy and all these foods will most likely get you fat.

2. This has led to a grass-roots movement to remove junk food options from schools and other venues aimed at young people.

3.As junk food has replaced more nutritious forms of food in people’s diets—especially the diets of schoolchildren—the consequences, according to many health-care professionals, have been devastating.

Solutions to the Problem

1.We should teach and model good eating habits.2.The solution for no more junk food is to go two a grocery store and bye healthy food like salad drink more water run and excersize.3.Ask your friends to help you looze wait by telling you that you are loozing alot of wait.