Converse's Team Update, Oct. 16

We are one team, with one mission, to be our best together!

Celebrations and "family/team" updates!!!!

  • No birthdays before the next announcements!
  • It felt good to have everyone back this week and to be fully staffed minus the regular absences. :)
  • A GIANT thanks to Michelle Harvey and Maridith Marsh for going above and beyond to support a kdger on a rough evening she was having this week when it was after hours. Thank you both for caring so much for our kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Happy Fall Break! Enjoy your week away.

Team Announcements

Items in bold print and underlined are new to announcements.
  • NEW -Kidability on Oct. 26th and 29th for Hueston, Middlesworth, Grinslade, Davies, Hovermale, and Peterson. See Jenny for the schedule if you don't recall your times.
  • NEW - Starting the Monday after the break we plan to "try" releasing bus riders 3 mins. ahead of regular dismissal. Michelle will announce the menu and any other announcements at 2:50 and then at 2:52 we will have a bell ring and begin bus rider dismissal and then at 2:55 we will call for car riders. This will hopefully get our bus riders to the HS a few minutes earlier and let our car riders get down the second grade hall without having to fight student traffic to get to the cafeteria. We will see how it goes. Let me know if you foresee a problem with this.
  • POs for spending remaining supply monies are due to Valree by Oct. 26th. I encourage that Science monies are spent by the end of the first semester. If you have supplies to buy for second semester that shouldn't be purchased ahead, like worms, you can save the monies to be spent second semester. Just remember all monies spent need to be for Science supplies and must be used with students this school year due to the monies coming from student fees. Thanks!
  • If you haven't already, let Katie know the time of your fall party today.
  • Oct. Lounge Clean up Crew: 1st grade staff

Team Focus

Special Project in honor of teachers...

Please consider writing a note to a teacher who inspired you when you were in school during this next week. I have put a notecard in each of your mailboxes and we will mail them for you when you return. Address the envelope and drop the notecard off at the office. I read the following article where educational leaders talked about a teacher that inspired them and it meant a lot to me to read and think about how we could be educating future educational leaders. Let's pay it backwards and thank an educator who impacted you. Know today that what you do impacts our world! Thank you!!!!

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