Where did Pizarro go?


Learning about Pizarro

Pizarro was born in Spain 1475 and he died in June 26 1541.

He sent in Peru

He explore Cajamarca(some place in Peru).

He explore Peru in 1531.


Pizarro come from Spain (he go to Peru).

Pizarro decidedto go to Peru because he know that in South America was the Incas that in momend they wrere rich.

Spain paid for the trip of Pizarro.

About The Incas

Pizarro end up on Peru.

It was some people on Peru already call Incas.

The life for the people on Peru was good all the people had a jop (no one was por).

They where a community.

They had a govermend before Pizarro arived.

When Pizarro come millions of Incas died(eupian people go to Peru).

What happen to the Incas

When Pizarro conquist Peru the live for the Incas go worse because he still all theirs goods, gold, homes, etc so live for the Incas after Pizarro wasent good.