Kenny Nguyen


Frankenstein is a Fictional character with a storyline of being created by a crazy scientist Dr.Frankenstein.Using his creator's surname he wasn't actually given a real name,but was referred to as monster,demon,wretch,...etc.In two separate versions Shelly's (author) was said to have Dr.Frankenstein finding a strong elemental power source to build Frank,but in another perspective was that a woman wanted a child and asked Dr.Frankenstein to create her one.

Mixed Reviews

There have been many critics between Shelly's novel.Some good and some bad,but even though she had quite a lot of bad critics.Frankenstein was said to been one of most almost quick success.Some said that her writing "bold and creative" while some people thought that the book was too "feminine" for their likings since it was published and written by a female novelist.


There are many places in Germany that associates with Frankenstein.With the name meaning "Stone of the Franks" there are castles inside of Germany called "Frankensteins Castle" in many different areas for example Darnstadt.In a now city in Poland used is a place called Frankenstein because of a scandal involving gravediggers.