My Smore Flyer

Summary 1 "UIL: No Suspension For Jay Football Team After Ref Is Pummeled | Texas Public Radio"

Two high school students of the Jay football team was seen pummeling a ref which was a sports foul so the committee must decide whether to suspend the JAY football team or not.

In the end the two students that was seen pummeling the ref was suspended and the JAY football team was aloud to participate in the football season.Maybe this all occurred because the ref was a fill in.

Summary 2 "Attack on ref should be treated as Assault

Many people have different opinions on the attack on the ref by the two JAY football players.One opinion that really stood out is the opinion made by the blog of Abilene-reporter-news(TEXAS) .The blog shows that the ref was obviously defenseless and the two football players was in the wrong . It also states that there was no good sportsmanship shown during that game.

Credible-"UIL: No Suspension For Jay Football Team After Ref Is Pummeled | Texas Public Radio"

This is a credible recourse because t is @ .org and also it is given by a author him self and it has plenty of text evidence also.Another reason it is credible is because it gives much more detail in its blog.

Non Credible " "Attack on ref should be treated as an assault.

This is a non credible recourse because it is and is just a opinion which is non credible there is not very many details given,and there is not one certain author. So that means the blog was made from many other peoples ideas.

Which One I Prefer

I prefer the ("No Suspension For The Jays Football Team Blog") ' because it is a credible recourse and gives u facts rather than unreliable resources.It is also sponsored by .org and has one certain author...