An act relating to the age of custody.

Shared Parental Custody presented by Austin Alvarez

  • In 2008 there were 24,077 teenage births from girls ages 15 to 19
  • Underage parents often times suffer from depression and expose their children to emotional neglect, physical abuse, and lack of social interaction.
  • Minors will be encouraged to share custody with a responsible adult.


An act relating to the recruitment of gang members...presented by McKalyn Cahill-Patray

  • It as been recorder that there are 2,700 recruited minor gang members in the state of Florida as of 2011.
  • This bill is aiming to increase the punishment for gang members who are found recruiting minors.
  • Many vulnerable children are at risk of falling into a life of violence and crime. Many of these children are in our very own communities. We (The Department of Juvenile Justice) urge you to pass this bill in order to stop gang violence by penetrating the source.

The Department of Juevenile Justice wants you to support this bill.

Why? Children should be offered a bright future, but gang recruiters simply want a member who will be able to commit the crime, but not jailed fro it because the individual is too young. We need to protect the children of our communities from falling into this trap. Please support this bill.