1st Grade Pilot Report Card

Heritage Elementary School

Heritage Primary 1st Grade to Pilot New Report Card For 2015-2016 School Year

For the 2015-2016 school year, 1st grade at Heritage Primary will be piloting the WSD New Report Card. Last school year Heritage Primary was asked by the district to pilot the new report card. The pilot will allow our teachers and parents to provide valuable input on this new district document.

We believe it is critical to ask Heritage Primary families to provide feedback throughout the year on the new report card. Please look for survey links in the monthly newsletter the to let your voice be heard.

Thanks for all you do,

Mrs. Buss and Mr. Evrard

1st Quarter Report Cards Received at Parent Teacher Conferences for Heritage Elementary School

This year we will be passing out report cards at parent teacher conferences. This will allow our teachers to talk through the report card with parents. During conferences, your child's teacher will be able to share with you how your child is progressing on the learning scales for reading, writing and math report card indicators.

If you are not able to attend parent teacher conferences, your child's report card will be mailed home after parent teacher conferences.

An Analogy to Help Explain the 4-3-2-1

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What subject areas are a part of the pilot report card?

The only areas that are a part of the new pilot are reading, writing, and mathematics. All other areas of the report card will still be measured in the same manner as before.

What is a report card indicator?

A report card indicator is a broad category on the report card. For example, "Addition" is a report card indicator. A report card indicator can be thought of like an umbrella that covers many skills that are under the umbrella.

What is a learning scale?

Each report card indicator has a matching learning scale. The scale clearly describes what a student must do in order to earn a curriculum mark that goes next to the report card indicator. A student must show mastery of all lower number skills too in order to achieve the higher number mark. Some items on a scale might have a (Q2) next to it. This tells you that this skill is not required until Quarter 2 (Q2).

How can I find copies of the learning scales?

The district will be posting a link to these report card scales on the district website. If you want a paper copy, please request one in writing to the office.

What level do we want the students to achieve on the learning scale?

3.0 is grade level expectations. Our goal would be for all students to reach the 3.0 by the end of the school year. All students will reach the 3.0 at different points in the year. Classroom teachers will notify parents if there is a concern with your child making it to the 3.0 by the end of the school year.

What does my student need to do if they start at a 1?

Your student will be reassessed and given the opportunity to show improvement each term. The classroom teacher will be working with your student to improve his or her ability in that area. Please support your student at home with this work.

Why are some areas not assessed or blacked out on report card?

Not all areas are taught in every quarter. Grade levels and administration will work together to determine which areas will be marked each quarter. This will be consistent amongst the grade level.

What if I have more questions?

If you have further questions about the report card, please contact Geri Buss, James Evrard, or David Brothers.

Why is the district making a change?

The Wentzville School District has recently revised both the English Language Arts and the Mathematics curriculums. A new report card was needed to guarantee alignment between the new curriculums and the report card. The new report card uses learning scales so that teachers are better able to communicate with parents about a child's progress in a particular area. The learning scales also provide parents with more detailed information about why a child was assigned a particular mark (1, 2, 3 or 4). In addition, the learning scales help make sure all teachers are assessing student achievement and growth the same way.