Interview with Ms. Dollinger

By, AlexisSophia O.

Her career to date...

Ms. Dollinger is a business and marketing teacher at Tomball High School. She earned a bachelor's of Business Administration from Sam Houston State University and worked in sales and marketing after she graduated. Her interest in working with the youth led her back to Sam Houston State University where she earned a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction. She began working in Tomball ISD in 2009.
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Classes Taught...

  • Advertising & Sales Promotion
  • BIMI
  • Business Law
  • Digital &Interactive Media
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing

The Room ...

  • Her classroom is an inviting place that is well organized but not in a way where you would feel uncomfortable about spreading out to finish a project.
  • Ms. Dollinger has students do individual work so that they can learn to work on their own and understand the curriculum. She also has a few group assignments so the students can explain things to each other in way that is easier for them to understand.
  • She writes down the things that student have problems in on her wall and does't take it down until most of the class feels to have mastered the topic.
  • She welcome questions but does not accept goofing around and wasting time.

As a teacher...

Her greatest reward is summers off.

Her biggest challenge is having trouble connecting with students who she holds no common ground with.

Self-motivation needed is a 10, with 10 being the highest. She has no one directing her in her subjects.

Hours per week are around 50-55. In the classroom is around 40 hours and then additional time is spent planning elsewhere.