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1885- Louis Pasteur develops the first rabies vaccination. The first human test the vaccine was on a nine year old boy named Joseph Meister on July 6, 1885.

This was a proud moment in American history because it was a breakthrough in the medical field. Lives affected by rabies could be saved with this new discovery/invention.

1890- Sherman Antitrust Act was signed into law in 1890, and was intended to prevent businesses from increasing the cost of goods to the consumer.

I am proud of the American government for doing this because it took power away from big businesses and gave smaller ones an opportunity to be successful.

1903- The Airplane’s First Flight . Brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright had their first successful flight. The aircraft soared up to 10 feet and traveled 120 feet. It was in the air for 12 seconds.

This was a proud moment in America because it was one of the greatest inventions ever made. This invention was the pioneer to today's airplanes. This aircraft was a major leap in the history of transportation and warfare.

Wright Brothers First Flight RARE Footage


1880- The U.S. population is 50,155,783. More than 5.2 million immigrants enter the country between 1880 and 1890.

This was both a good and bad time in America. It was good because since people from all over the world were coming, the economy was able to increase and it helped with the advance industrialization.


Chinese Exclusion Act. First federal immigration law suspended Chinese immigration for 10 years and barred Chinese in U.S. from citizenship

I am not proud of this because it was hypocritical of what America was supposed to be. People came to this country in hopes for a better life no matter what their skin color, background, or nationality. This act discriminated against the Chinese when they did nothing wrong.

1910- Angel Island is finally put into operation. It was known as "The Guardian of the Western Gate" and was designed control the flow of Chinese into the country, who were officially not welcome with the passage of the Chinese Exclusion act.

I am not proud of this moment because it went along with the Chinese exclusion act and discriminated against the innocent Chinese.

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Angel Island's painful legacy



National American Woman Suffrage Association
1890 The NAWSA is formed, Also known as the Women's suffrage movement. I am proud of this because women were taking a stand and using their voice for something that they wanted and had a right to such as voting.

1906 Pure food and Drug Act and the Meat inspection Act are passed to protect the public’s health and welfare. I am proud of this because this protected people's health and the food that was being produced was now safe and reduced the amount of diseases that could have been passed through by them.

1916: The Keating-Owen Child Labor Act limits how many hours children are allowed to work. I am proud of the government for doing this because children were now allowed to have an education and not have to be working all the time. It gave children freedom to do something other than work.

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1898 US is established as an imperial power in the Caribbean and the pacific. I'm proud of this because it gave the US access to more resources. I'm also kind of ashamed because we didn't really have to do that, we should have spent that time addressing problems here before worrying about being an imperial power.

1899 Samoa and Hawaii were officially annexed to the US. Im not proud or ashamed of this because I feel like it wasn't necessary for the government to annex Hawaii or Samoa.

1900 The Foraker confirms Puerto Rico as an unconsolidated territory of the US. I'm not sure if im proud of this moment because at this point, i feel like the US is just gathering territories just because they can and not because they need to.

Imperialism in Peurto Rico
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World War I

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1915 The Lusitania is sunk and the U.S decides to enter the war. Im not proud of this because i still think we should've remained neutral because it would have saved us alot of resources and money.

1918 World war one ends. Im proud of this because the war finally ended and people were able to continue on with their lives without having to think about the war every minute of the day.

1919 The treaty of Versailles is signed on June 28. Im proud of the government and the president for doing this because they at least tried to make an effort to have peace with the other nations.

Armistice brings WWI fighting to an end, on November 11, 1918. German troops surr...HD Stock Footage