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Recent NxtGen Updates


  • RHH High Capacity Leveler
  • RHJ Leveler
  • Barrier Systems Full Line


  • (2) SplitSecond Clean Images (white curtain)
  • LiteSpeed Clean Photo (showing higher mounted control box with push plate in interlock area)
  • FasTrax FR Before/After
  • Barrier Systems Before/After


  • FasTrax XL Video
  • Loading Dock Safety Barriers
  • In-Plant Safety Barriers
  • Mezzanine Safety Barriers
  • Leum Engineering Railboards video (Arbon Category)
  • Leum Engineering Parcel Dock Ramps video (Arbon Category)


  • FasTrax FR LD
  • FasTrax LD
  • FlashFold Sell Sheet
  • Arbon Catalog (Arbon Category)


All Product Companies will be removing Photos from the E-Trunk. Photos can be found on Rite-Hite's website, www.ritehite.com and within the NxtGen app.

All Product Companies will be removing Owner's Manuals from the NxtGen app to Rite-Hite's website, www.ritehite.com. This DOES NOT include International. The website allows for easy navigation to retrieve a product's Owner's Manual and relieves the NxtGen app from holding those documents. Owner's Manual can also be found in the E-Trunk.

Don't forget to go into the Settings and press Update to see these new assets!!!

RiteHite.com Updates

  • Rite-Hite's monthly INSITE newsletter can be found in the News section of the website.

Always Looking Ahead Brochure (ALA) Success Stories!

Fred Stallé:

Shaun Blocker and I had been attempting to get in contact with a customer for a couple of weeks with no luck. We showed up at the facility to see if we could get a hold of him and luckily he gave us ten minutes to sit down and discuss the opportunities at his docks. Before getting too product heavy with him, we decided to pull out the ALA and walked him through our four marketing platforms while making clear Rite Hite vs. Arbon. The customer really loosened up with this as he became comfortable. Towards the end of our ten minutes, he was so elated he wanted us to go walk the docks to take a look at servicing some equipment. Thanks to the ALA we were able to get in the facility and quote this customer PM's on all of his dock equipment.

We are hearing great stories like this from the field as they use the new "Always Looking Ahead" brochure and presentation. And, we have taken the brochure to two major shows in August and September and received great feedback on it.

Got a story to share? Contact Sara Everts at 414-973-3609 or severts@ritehite.com

New Literature

  • New Leveler Brochure and Sell/Spec Sheets have been distributed
  • Arbon Catalog

Please contact Debbi Zanotti at 1-414-362-6399 or at DZanotti@ritehite.com to order any literature that you need!

New Products

NEW! Drive-Thru Filler Pads for Vertical Leveler Applications – The purpose of Drive-Thru Filler Pads is to fill the gaps between each side of the door jamb and the side of the leveler in drive-thru applications that do not have raised bumpers or raised bumper brackets. You can order them in CAP today using RHEEC part #DTFP. The base unit list price is $200 per pair.

Rite-Hite Apps

Zoneworks Virtual Installation App – This popular Rite-Hite app allows a customer to visualize how a curtain wall might look in their facility. Simply take a picture, draw a wall with your finger, and e-mail the customer the image. Customers think it is a neat tool. So impress them and try it out on your next sales call! For help in using the app, tap the “Help” button or contact Justin Goede.

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Rite-Hite Apps Tip!

How do I keep my RH Apps up to date?

  • When Rite-Hite has a new version of any of the Rite-Hite apps, Rite-Hite will push the app out to your device and you will be prompted to install. Please be sure to accept app installation messages from mdm.ritehite.com to be sure you stay up to date

What do you have to do if you have to decline a mdm.ritehite.com install prompt?

Important Product Company Notices

Discontinuation of Snapper and MagnaJammer Products (Original Bulletin sent 10/30/15):

Effective November 1, 2015, the special products known as Snappers and MagnaJammers will be removed from the Rite-Hite Environmental Enclosures product offering and we will not be creating new ML quotes. If you have an outstanding quote for either of these products, please make sure to close that project and enter the order prior to December 1, 2015. After that, we will no longer be accepting orders for these products.

If there are any questions regarding this notice, please contact Kyle Justice or Mary Blaser.

CAP Tool Update

  • Additional leveler blurbs have been created and are differentiated by lip length and the option for a Safe-T-Lip®

Quick Tip!

Having trouble formatting your Quick Proposal in Lotus Notes?

Use our recommended page margin settings when you print your proposal to PDF and it will help clean up the page breaks!

File - Print - Select your PDF Printer - Click Page Setup - **Update Margins (Click on the image to enlarge)**

REMINDER: It's Time to Export Your Contacts!

First time exporting? Or need a refresher on how to do it?

Click on the training video link below and watch the short two minute chapter for whichever export you need to do!

Exporting Contacts to Mobile Device Training Video

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In The News!

How HVLS Fans & Curtain Walls Improve Air Quality - Fabricating & Metalworking

Multi-level Workplace Safety - Industrial Safety & Hygiene News

Automation on the Loading Dock - EHS Today

Upcoming Trade Shows

MODEX 2016

Atlanta, GA

April 4-7, 2016

New Before/After Photos:

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Zoneworks Before/After Photos – You already take photos of your Zoneworks jobs. Why not share them and make up to $50 for each new application? Contact Justin Goede for more information: jgoede@ritehite.com.

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