Differences and simularities between rome and the U.S


The U.S is the same as rome because they both had slaves. The difference is that slave sin rome had alittle bit of rights. In the U.S the slaves were beaten if they talked back.

Limited rights

Men had enjoyed all of there rights while women had limited rights, in the U.S. And in rome. The differences is that if anyone broke the law in rome they were banned from the town/area. In the U.S if you broke a rule you just went to jail.


Rome rules lead to happiness, same in the U.S. But then the difference is that the U.S. Judjes nowadays are making poor decisions.


Romans wore clothes to look elegant and the U.S also did int he 1800s. Nowadays the U.S citizens wear clothes to look good.


Roman language and U.S language back then a long time ago was perfectly fine. The differences is that now people curse all the time without even knowing because its a bad habit that people learn at young ages
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