Jacob Woodard !

What is Cobalt?

Atomic number 27, Cobalt was discovered by George Brandt in 1739. Cobalt can be used to color glass and pottery, Cobalt is considered a Super Alloy, which means it can withstand extremely high temperatures. Some physical properties of Cobalt would be that its a dark grey metal. Also Cobalt is ductile. This means it can be drawn into thin wires. Chemical properties of Cobalt would be non reactive to water and it slowly combines with oxygen. It reacts with almost every acid to produce hydrogen gas. Cobalt can be found in ores such as Cobalite, Smaltite, Chloranthite, and Linnaeite. There is only one isotope of Cobalt and that is Cobalt-59

Get your Cobalt NOW!!!!

Cobalt is a great source of coloring for many things, such as arts and crafts or glass. It is very safe and easy to work with. It is ductile which is good for decorations or if you need wires for your store. Cobalt is very cheap so get it while its hot!!!!