Knowledge In Frankenstein

Christian Stokes Pd.1

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” (Shelley 175)

This is a quote in Chapter 23 that tells us about Victors worry in life but also the knowledge that it brings him and us. He is also scared of the change that he and others may face from the creature.

"Man," I cried, "how ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom! Cease; you know not what it is you say." (Shelley 178)

This quote tells us about when Victor gets mad when his knowledge and understanding is questioned and it causes him to storm of and mediate "in some other mode or action."

"Have you," he said, "really spent your time in studying such nonsense?" I replied in the affirmative. "Every minute," (Shelley 31)

In this quote the professor is doubting Victors knowledge of what he knows but Victor puts him in his place and explains to him that he truly dues understand it.

"I attended the lectures, and cultivated the acquaintance, of the men of science of the university; and I found even in M. Krempe a great deal of sound sense and real information, combined, it is true, with a repulsive physiognomy and manners," (Shelley 35)

In this quote Victor is showing his knowledge on the topics he is studying at Geneva. He tells us that he has found a lot of information in Mr. Krempe from listening to his lectures ever day. This shows that Victor has gained knowledge from Mr. Krempe and his lectures and this has caused him to further his search into creating a being known as the creature.

"I remembered the effect that the view of the tremendous and ever-moving glacier had produced upon my mind when I first saw it." (Shelley 79)

In this quote Victor tells us his knowledge on the terain from when he was traveling through. Victor has such a great mind that can take in all the information that he finds and keeps it to share with us later on. This quote shows that Victory enjoys sharing his voyage and travel with us, it shows that he is aware of the area that he is traveling and is gaining knowledge with every step.

"What had been the study and desire of the wisest men since the creation of the world was now within my grasp." (Shelley 37)

In this quote Victor is saying that after everything that he creates and finds he has gained so much knowledge and wisdom in life. Victor has realized that after all of his work in life he can now share it with the world and he does share it by creating the creature. The creature wasn't a good creation because of all the destruction that he caused but his other studies can definitely be useful in life.


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