October Week 2

What We've Learned this Week

Language Arts

Letters G, J, L & R

Phonics: We focused on sounding the letters G, J, L, and R through repetition and showing pictures of words that begin with the letters G, J, L, and R.

Dictionary Words

They colored, cut, and pasted pictures of words with initial G, J, L, and R. Then they organized them alphabetically on their dictionary notebooks.

Sight Words


1.Numbers 31-40

  • They wrote numbers 31-40 on their math journal
  • They decomposed numbers 31-40 using counters (ones & tens counters).

2. Estimation & measurement

The estimated and measured items in the classroom using rulers.


They made patterns with leaves they collected from the playground.

Social Studies

1. Holidays

We reviewed major holidays observed during the year.

2.Maps and globes

We reviewed names of continents and oceans. They were also introduced to an atlas.


Insects vs. Spiders

  • They distinguished between insect and spiders
  • They labeled an and an spider’s body parts
  • They wrote about what insect or spider they’d liked to be and why.


Fine Motor Skills

They practiced writing uppercase and lowercase G, J, L, and R on their writing journals and on their Zaner Bloser Handwriting book.

Question to Ask Your Child

Language Arts

· What does the letter G or J make?

· What does the letter L or R make?

· Name some of the words that begin with the letter G, J, L, and R


How many tens and ones are in number 32, 38, 39, 40?

Social Studies

What is a continent?


· What’s the difference between insects and spiders?

· Name some insects.

· What are arachnids?


  • Since the weather is changing, please dress your child in weather-appropriate clothing ( sweater, jacket). Also, bring change of clothes that are weather-appropriate.
  • Last day of the book fair is Monday, October 19th.
  • Parent/Teacher Conference is November 2nd.

o The sign up sheet is outside the classroom.

o I emailed a soft copy this morning.

o You can email me your three preferred time slots, and I’ll email you confirming the time slot signed for you.

  • Please return the Parent/ Teacher Conference childcare form by Oct 23rd

If you didn’t do so, please donate a bag of candy by Monday, October 19th

  • Oct 23rd :

o Spirit Day: The students wear their spirit shirts.

o Fall Bash, Monster Mash is from 4- 8:30PM.