Come to Texas

Felicia Li

Land Full of Promises

You may not be from Texas, but we want you anyway. Here, we've got mild weather, low taxes, and lots and lots of fertile land just waiting you to come and take it. As a plus, when come to Texas, you can escape all the horrors of debt, high taxes, and overly priced, crummy land. So come to the paradise called Texas, we welcome you with open arms.

Lots and Lots of Land Available

Here in Texas, we've got just acres and acres of fertile land and miles of rolling prairies just waiting for you to claim. And with affordable prices you can pay out over the years.

With Costs Everyone Can Afford

While the USA charges you a ridiculous $1.25 per acre, we only ask for a cheap 12.5 cents that can be paid over the years. And did I mention how fertile the land is? But hurry and come to Texas now, for many families will be taking advantage of this great deal.

Land Grants

To qualify for a land grant today, talk to an empresario and become either farmer or a cattle rancher or both. If you become a farmer, you can get a 177 acres land grant. If you become a cattle rancher, you can get a 4,428 acres land grant. But, again, hurry up and come to Texas, for these grants won't go on claimed soon.

And Just a Few Requirements.....

Supporting this great deal, Mexico only asks for a few things:

  1. Become Catholic
  2. Become a Mexican citizen
  3. Follow Mexican laws

So do these things, take advantage of this great deal that defines all your dreams and solves all your problems and worries.