November 2017-Weekly Newsletter Vol.2

High Reliability Schools-Level 1

Safe and Collaborative Schools

Although this update will focus on the indicators for Level 1 within the High Reliability Schools framework, effective schools focus on critical aspects within levels 1-3 simultaneously. Safe and Collaborative Schools are absolutely the foundation for success, but without Effective Teaching in Every Classroom (level 2), and a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (level 3), schools flounder in mediocrity.

Level 1 in the High Reliability Schools framework addresses the factors foundational to the well-being of a school. Do faculty, students, parents, and community members feel like our schools are safe and maximize collaboration for the enhancement of student learning? There are eight indicators to measure level 1:

1.1 The faculty and staff perceive the school environment as safe and orderly.

1.2 Students, parents, and the community perceive the school environment as safe and orderly.

1.3 Teachers have formal roles in the decision-making process regarding school initiatives.

1.4 Teacher teams and collaborative groups regularly interact to address common issues regarding curriculum, assessment, instruction, and the achievement of all students.

1.5 Teachers and staff have formal ways to provide input regarding the optimal functioning of the school.

1.6 Students, parents, and the community have formal ways to provide input regarding the optimal functioning of the school.

1.7 The success of the whole school, as well as individuals within the school, is appropriately acknowledged.

1.8 The fiscal, operational, and technological resources of the school are managed in a way that directly supports teachers.

Much of our time and effort this year has been focusing on the development of effective Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Dr. Robert Marzano states in A Handbook for High Reliability Schools, “We consider implementing professional learning communities as critical to high reliability status at level 1” (p.27).

Professional learning communities provide the framework for collaborative teacher groups to provide input on indicators 1.1, 1.3, and 1.5. PLCs can identify and execute ways to make schools more safe and orderly, obtain teacher input into decisions regarding school policies, and provide input into how the school can function more effectively.

In addition to level 1 success, PLCs provide the framework for standard prioritization, proficiency scale development, and common assessment development, thus developing the Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum in level 3.

EMS Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On Wednesday, November 8th, Evanston Middle School celebrated the long awaited completion of renovations with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Staff, students, community members and members of the Wyoming School Facilities Commission began the ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance. Then we heard speeches from EMS Principal Eric Christenot, Superintendent Ryan Thomas and State Facilities Director Delbert McOmie, followed by the ribbon cutting and a tour of Evanston Middle School. UCSD#1 is very grateful to all of those who helped with this project, as well as for the patience of the staff and students during this transition. If you haven't had a chance to visit EMS since it's completion, please take the time to do so and see what a beautiful school it is!
EMS Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Click here for an animation of the EMS Ribbon Cutting.


Kindergarten through 5th grade teachers came together last week in a district-wide PLC to discuss and analyze the prioritized math standards. Thank you to all of the teachers from each school that contributed to this work. A special thanks goes out to the twenty-seven teachers, coaches and principals that met and reached consensus on UCSD #1’s priority standards for mathematics.



Thank you to all staff members who have completed their GCN training. If you have not completed it, you have until November 21st to do so. Click the link above to connect to the GCN website.


Teachers, please check to see if your certificate from the Professional Teaching Standards Board is in need of renewal within the next six months. You should have received a notice in the mail from Human Resources. Please make sure to get this done early to avoid a lapse in your certification.

Please feel free to contact Human Resources with any of your questions. We are here to help and support you!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

We owe...all our veterans-a debt we can never fully repay. -Doc Hastings

North Elementary expressed their gratitude to our local veterans by providing breakfast (thank you PTA) and celebrating their sacrifices with word and song. Thank you North Elementary staff and students, special thanks to Amanda Linford for another incredible tribute to the veterans of Uinta County.

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