Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Why you should go to Puerto Escondido

some facts about Mexico

Just a few hours from the ritzy resorts of San Juan, a trip to El Yunque is a visit to a primitive land that has remained virtually unchanged for millennia. Trail hikes, waterfalls, grand vistas and a variety of birds, flora, and some wildlife await you. You'll also be happy to know that there are no dangerous animals in the rainforest.
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Types of food that you will find in Mexico

Traditional Mexican food comes from the indigenous Indians, and many dishes are made with corn, hot peppers, squash, rice, rabbit, armadillo and turkey.
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More facts about Puerto Escondido

Area Code -- The telephone area code is 954.

Currency Exchange -- Banamex, Bancomer, Banorte, and HSBC all have branches in town, and all will change money during business hours; hours vary, but you can generally find one of the above open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 3pm. ATMs are also available, as are currency-exchange offices. Note: It has been getting harder to exchange cash in Puerto, and the only place that still cashes traveler's checks is HSBC, from 9am to noon only.

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How to travel in Puerto Escondido

You can travel by boat to get to Puerto Escondido because it is surrounded with water so you could boat up to the beach.

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Some greetings from Puerto Escondido

Common greetings include:

*Buenos días (Good day)

*Buenas tardes (Good afternoon)

* Buenas noches (Good evening).

Also a way to say "Okay" or "No worries," Pura vida has many uses. Hola (Hi).

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3 mager landmarks in Puerto Escondido

1.Castillo San Felipe del Morro


3.Paseo Tablado La Guancha

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That is a picture of Paseo Tablado La Guancha.
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That is a picture of Culebrita.
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This is a picture of Castillo San Felipe del Morro.