Hot is the New Cold

Why Sustainable Energy is a Neccessity

Tomi Delp, 7th hour EN102

The Need for Sustainable Energy

The switch to sustainable energy, such as renewable resources, is now likely to become a more important topic of debate as the effects of global warming and the finite supply of energy we are limited to become a more prominent issue as time passes.

Thesis Statement

The implementation of sustainable energy sources is needed because the current sources are harming the earth, and with the constant expansion of technology, sustainable resources are becoming less expensive and more attainable, which in turn creates additional jobs and new careers

Main Ideas

Sources of Research


Jess Worth, 'Ending The Oil Age':

“Oil companies’ current extraction for the next two decades set us on course for a six-degree global temperature rise and an unlivable planet” (Worth 13).

Barrack Obama, 'Energy Policy':

“...[in 2007] alone, there were 11 different weather and climate disaster events that resulting in over $110 billion in estimated damages” (“Energy Policy” 7).

Alex Rich, 'Point: The World Must Actively Explore Alternative Sources Of Energy':

"With dwindling supplies of fossil fuels and the encroaching threat of human-induced climate change, we have an imperative to look for other sources of energy that will last well beyond the limit of our conventional fuel supplies, be they oil, coal, or otherwise” (Rich & Morley par 2).

Facts, Statistics & Stuff

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Fact #1

The planet used to be cool. This graph shows the increase in anomalies in temperature from 1880-present day.
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Fact #2:

Global warming is associated with hotter temperatures, but it can also cause the opposite.
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Fact #3

Of the land in California, 99.84 percent is experiencing drought.