Alkali Metals

About Alkali Metals

Alkali metals are the most reactive metals. The alkali metals include: Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium, Cesium, Francium, and Hydrogen. These elements are chemical metals found in the first group of the periodic table. The word 'alkali' came from the Arabic word 'al qali' meaning 'from ashes'. These elements are classified as alkali because they react with water to make hydroxide ions.

Here are some examples of Alkali Metals

Where can you find them?

Alkali metals are actually found everywhere, including salt. It just depends on what element you're looking at. For example, Lithium: You can find lithium in everyday objects including batteries, medicines, hot springs, rocks and soils, etc...

What are they used for?

Although they are way too active to exist in nature, alkali metals are used in many things. Alkali metals are used in multiple compounds including table salt, borax, potash, and washing soda. For example, lithium. Lithium can be found on the surface of earth, and is usually associated with compounds of aluminum.