European Country Project

By: Jenna Nelslon

My Country

My country that i was given is called Azerbaijan and the Capital of the country is Baku. Azer in Azerbaijan means holy so the flag of Azerbaijan means Holy

Geography of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is located in Asia and the countries that surround it are Georgia to the north, Armenia and Turkey to the west, and Iran to the south. The major land forms in Azerbaijan are the Caspian sea, lesser Caucasus, and the Talish Mountains. The major landmarks of Azerbaijan are the Palace of Shiruanshahs. The major bodies of water are the Arabian Sea, the Black Sea, and the Caspian sea. The environment effects the citizens lives because of health reasons, languages, and education.

Government of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's government is a constitutional republic and a republic. The leader of Azerbaijan is Ilham Aliyev. The way the Azerbaijan people chose their people was to have a political party. Azerbaijan's roles and responsibilities that the people had to do was that everyone has obligations resulting from his or her rights and knowing the law does not release from responsibilities.

Azerbaijan's Economy

Azerbaijan is a rich and now the country wants to be famous. The type of money they have is .955801 USD. Azerbaijan's main export is about $26.6 B. Azerbaijan's birth rate is 16.96 births, their life expectancy is 76.91, the literacy rate is 99.5%, and their drinking water source is urban, rural, and the total population is 80.2%.

Azerbaijan's Culture

The people in Azerbaijan wear dresses and skirts for the girls and upper shirts with buttons for the boys. The language that the people use is Azerbaijani and Turkic. Azerbaijan's main holidays are New Years Day, New Year Holiday, Martyrs Day, and Woman's Day. The religion that Azerbaijan has is in Europe and Asia. Azerbaijan's most famous food is plov. Plov is contained with saffron- covered in rice served with different herbs.

Climate in Azerbaijan

The general weather conditions in Azerbaijan are rainfall and sunshine. The yearly rainfall there is about 1673mm. The average yearly temperature is rainfall and they get 44 °F, 43°F, 49°F, and 62°F.The effects that the climate has on the country is that 9 out of 11 existing climate zones are present in Azerbaijan local weather conditions have influenced.

The History In Azerbaijan

Almost 13 languages are spoken in Azerbaijan and Iran, and Georgia are right next to Azerbaijan and Iran is where there is fighting and bombing going on and that can be bad for them.

America and Azerbaijan

99.2% of Azerbaijan is Muslims and are religion is Christianity. Azerbaijan is a unlimited government and we have a limited government.Our food is different and some are alike but they use different things. We wear jeans and T-shirts and they wear more formal clothes.

Similarities and Differences of America and Azerbaijan

The 2 similarities between America and Azerbaijan that we both can wear dresses and formal things and we have some foods that are alike. The 2 differences between America and Azerbaijan are that we speak different languages and we wear jeans and they don't.